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All e-books come with free bonuses and 90-day money back guarantee.

Lightning Speed Exercise Program- 2 new types of exercises that may take only 5 minutes a day to do.  Easy enough for any beginner to learn and use but powerful enough for world class athletes to get amazing fitness and health results. Work out anywhere. No fancy equipment.  Workout your legs, butt, abdominal muscles, knees. lower back and ankles with one exercise.


Never Ever Diet - It's just not fair! How can she eat so well,

never ever diet - yet look this good at sixty two? 

In her Never Ever Diet Program of scrumptious food, leading to weight loss and good health, there are no forbidden foods!

You don’t have to starve – ever, count calories or buy pills. 

You can drink alcohol, eat pasta, meat, cookies and even chocolate!

Fit Over 40- How An Obese Couch Potato– Ordered To "Lose Weight Or Die" –  Discovered An Amazing Anti-Aging Fitness Secret So Simple, Yet So Powerful, Even His Doctors Were Scratching Their Heads When They Saw His Stunning Transformation. Get 4 chapters for free. 

How To Potty Train Your Child In Hours- How to SUCCESSFULLY Potty Train your child in five hours or less - even if your child is resistant, and you've tried other methods before!
Lose 10 Pounds Now-“101 ‘Everyday’ Tips for Losing 10 Pounds!” is a thoroughly researched report on ‘everyday ways’ to maintain a healthier lifestyle for people on the go.

It is designed to be quick and efficient! All you need to do is gradually but consistently add more tips to your life, and in just a couple of weeks you can start noticing results.

Bioterrorism 101- In this Special Bioterrorism Report, author shares unconventional information from 19th and early 20th century doctors and healers who successfully helped people survive smallpox, plague, and other dangerously contagious diseases while many of those receiving conventional medical care at home and in hospitals were dropping like flies.

In addition to information from historical healers who successful treated dangerous contagious illnesses, this single-spaced, 155-page Special Report also contains alternative medicine approaches from cutting edge 21st century physicians and healers.


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Fat-Free Diet- Good or Bad?
Vioxx Attorney
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