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December 23, 2008

The Truth About Calories And Cholesterol

Thomas Turk
45 Years in the Fitness industry and the author of gthairrejuvenation.com.

In this information age, one is bombarded with information and misinformation. Take the all important subject of calories and cholesterol. When one is confronted with diametrically opposed ideas on food trends, one tends to give up, and often chooses the idea that is more heavily promoted, and that is, unfortunately here, the misinformation. Where does it start? The professors of nutrition must teach whats in the `book`, ( so I have been informed, although they admit know better). From then on, doctors, dieticians, sports trainers, food writers and celebrity chefs will repeat, without any further thought, the same dogma.

Obesity is used as the first scare. The non-scientific calorific calculations of all foods removes or reduces valuable nutrient-rich food from the diet, such as eggs, butter and liver. Why don`t calories count? In human physiology, there are various homeo-stasis mechanisms. These attempt to maintain body fat and protein stores. These mechanisms probably evolved over miillions of years and some of their pathways have now been identiifed. One is thermic (Engl. thermogenic) effect. This is the rise of metabolic rate after a meal, depending partly on both what was eaten, and the bone-structure of the individual. Example. A light bone-structured individual may quaff down half a gallon of ice- cream, yet the next day they will weigh the same. Their metabolic rate rose about 50% after the meal, and burnt off the excess fuel. The body may have have needed to minimise fat stores for a hot climate. Conversely, a heavy bone structured individual, may eat a few pieces of fruit after dinner, and they gain fat. This is because their metabolic rate may rise only 25%, to allow fat stores to build up or stay high, for a colder climate. The body also prepares for famine by slowing metabolic rate as calories are reduced by eating less, and by eating less high calorie (but nutritious) foods. To further destroy the calorie myth, we have continuous vigorous exercise raising metabolic rate fifteen fold! Also, vigorous interval training it will maintain a raised metabolic rate for many hours. The oversimplifed formula of calories in equals calories out is both wrong and unhealthy.

The cholesterol scare. This is used for marketing toxic statin drugs, low fat diets and a variety of pharmaceuticals to depress appetite, block fat absorbtion etc. Stains, a 24 billion dollar fraud, block CQ10 production, (the heart-energy enzyme), cause kidney faulure and weaken muscles. There is no need to lower blood cholesterol nor to reduce dietary cholesterol, (nor take statin or other drugs), to prevent heart disease and stroke. This nonsense started with a faulty study in Framingham, Massachusetts, in 1953. The study showed that the population had slightly elevated blood cholesterol, and also slightly elevated heart disease. The study mistakenly concluded that dietary cholesterol had caused the higher blood cholesterol, and that in turn, the raised blood cholesterol caused the higher rate of heart disease. This study is the Holy Grail of the cholesterol scarers and the scams.

What raised the cholesterol levels of the subjects in the study? One or more, or any combination of... insufficient omega 3 fatty acids in the diet, lack of vigorous exercise, overweight, insufficient Viatmin B3, (niacin), post menopausal period in woman, aging in men.

What caused the heart disease to be slightly above average in the study? One or more, or any combination of... high blood triglycerides, (blood fats elevated by sugar, alcohol and carbs); high lipo-protein alpha, (lowered with vitamin C); high homocysteine, (lowered with vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid); and to a lesser extent, smoking, dog heart worm, transfats, inflamation from obesity, (a new idea, but prevented by vitamin D3), nickel. To suplement or not? YES, we do need to supplement for optimum health, even if your doctor/dietician say DONT. (A study a few years ago showed 80% of doctors in USA self-supplementing with Vitamin E) !

Lets examine the benefits of some high calorie and high cholesterol foods. Butter contains the omegas in perfect proportion, arichidonic acid, short and medium chain fatty acids, and conjugated linoleic acids . All good. Also present are selenium, iodine, manganese zinc, chromium, and lecithin. Butter synthesises Vitamin B6 through the friendly intestinal bacteria, thus reducing heart-disease causing homocysteine. This was shown in a large scale study in Lancet, whereby those on a very high ghee, (clarified butter) diet had one tenth the heart disease of the pure vegetarians. Eggs contain l-cysteine and selenium, powerful heart-protecting anti-oxidants. A study by Drs Cayley and Hammond of the American Cancer Society, showed that those that ate more than 5 eggs a week had less heart disease. Beef fat contains conjugated linoleic acid. Beef and beef liver are a rich souce of protein, minerals and B vitamins. All these nutrients protect.

Several diverse groups of people consume a very high saturated fat diet, but have no heart disease history. These are the Masai and Samburu in East Africa, the Eskimo, the Benedicitine Monks, the Irish in America, and various Pacific Islanders. The Amish in America is another group, but scientists now claim they have a special gene to combat the high fat diet, but that is just a smokescreen.

The so called Mediterranean diet, reputed to prevent heart disease, as it would be low in saturated fat, in reality does NOT exist. Italians traditionally cook with butter, goose fat and lard, depending on the region. The Greeks eat large amounts of high saturated fat feta goat cheese daily. The Spanish and Portuguese loads of fatty pork, beef and eggs. The French cook with butter and cream, and consume so much cheese. Less heart disease yes, but not from that mythical fish and olive oil diet.

The good (HDL) and the bad (LDL) cholesterol are risk indicators and not the causes. High fat diets, such as Atkins, showed improvement in these indicators.

The food pyramid. This is also designed to keep you away from nutritious foods. It is NOT science based, with its recommended high carbohydrate intake from fruit, (fructose) and grains (carbs and plant chemicals lectins and leptins), that cause heart disease, obesity, and diabetes risk.

If you already have narrowed arteries, EDTA, with its 20 beneficial side effects, cleans them out, despite desperate denial by the mainstream.

The cancer scare. High saturated fat foods have been implicated as possible cancer causes for the colon etc., this based on statistical studies. As science has moved ahead and we today have the identified causes and pathways of all cancers, these vague and inaccurate statistics no longer apply. (The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers. 2007. H R Clark PhD ND). You will not hear of the cancer cure from mainstream medicine for a long time, keeping in mind that it took them four hundred years to accept that Vitamin C cures scurvy.

Why have we been misinformed? Is it because the Universities, being mainly funded by the pharmaceutical industry, need to control information in order to keep the population sickly, so as to drive up profits? I suspect so.

Don't dismiss alternative ideas. Research well. Your health depends on these simple health choices.

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September 15, 2007

Vitamin C's Cancer-Fighting Properties

By Will Dunham

(Reuters) -- Vitamin C can impede the growth of some types of tumors although not in the way some scientists had suspected, researchers reported on Monday.

The new research, published in the journal Cancer Cell, supported the general notion that vitamin C and other so-called antioxidants can slow tumor growth, but pointed to a mechanism different from the one many experts had suspected.

The researchers generated encouraging results when giving vitamin C to mice that had been implanted with human cancer cells -- either the blood cancer lymphoma or prostate cancer. Another antioxidant, N-acetylcysteine, also limited tumor growth in the mice, the researchers said.

Antioxidants are nutrients that prevent some of the damage from unstable molecules known as free radicals, created when the body turns food into energy. Vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene are among well-known antioxidants.

Previous research had suggested that vitamin C may stifle tumor growth by preventing DNA damage from free radicals.

But researchers led by Dr. Chi Dang, a professor of medicine and oncology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, found that antioxidants appear to be working in a different way -- undermining a tumor's ability to grow under certain conditions.

Figuring out how antioxidants impede tumors should help scientists figure out how they might be harnessed to fight cancer, Dang said. In addition to the cancer types involved in this study, others that might be vulnerable to vitamin C include colon cancer and cervical cancer, he said.

Dang said more research is needed and cautioned against taking high doses of vitamin C based on these findings.

"Certainly we would very much discourage people with untreated cancer to go out and take buckets full of vitamin C," Dang said in a telephone interview.

Linus Pauling argued in the 1970s that vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, could ward off cancer, but the notion has proved contentious.

Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry as well as the Nobel Peace Prize, died in 1994.

"Pauling actually had some good evidence that under certain situations vitamin C can prevent tumor formation. It's just the mechanism was really not that clear then," Dang said.

"Now that, I think, we provide relatively compelling evidence of how this works, maybe Pauling is partly right. We shouldn't dismiss him so quickly." Dang added.

Copyright © 2007 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved.

Critical Response To Vitamin C's Cancer-Fighting Properties
By Ken Adachi

Dear Jeff,
Re: http://www.rense.com/general78/csprop.htm
How utterly vexing and annoying it was to read the salubrious, yet untrue assertions made by oncologist and John Hopkins professor Dr. Chi Dang concerning the role that Dr Linus Pauling played in the 1970s in regard to heralding the importance of Vitamin C as a CRITICAL ingredient in immune system modulation (enhancement) to not only PREVENT the formation of cancerous tumors, but to ALSO mitigate and reduce the advancement of cancer growth, once it had reached the full blown metastasis stage.
Dr Dang, an obvious servant of the chemical cancer industry, reduces the Herculean contributions in vitamin C knowledge provided by Nobel laureate Dr. Linus Pauling down to that of a minor, peon researcher whose discoveries merit no more mention than that of a footnote.
I'd like to punch that guy square in the nose for uttering such vapid stupidities!
Long before this man showed up in a national press release, Linus Pauling had ALREADY PROVEN and DEMONSTRATED THE many pathways by which Vitamin C enhances immunity, and not only for cancer, but for ANY disease condition.
Pauling went FAR BEYOND tests with mice. He had already graduated though ALL the ranks of animal research and was long ago engaged in LONG TERM human studies (with Dr Cameron of Canada) in the EARLY 1970S! He had published all of his research findings in numerous peer reviewed journals and published no less than SEVEN Books documenting his findings!
This is NOT the first time that I have encountered institutional hacks from big name "medical research" universities or institutions that have attempted to lay claim to discoveries that had ALREADY been documented and published by earlier pioneers. About 6 years ago, I caught a brief news item under new science discoveries in which a claim was made by a female university "team leader" from a Big Deal university in San Diego where she said that SHE had discovered some NEW and remarkable attributes of Flax seed oil to stem cancer proliferation. I wrote her and her adoring university promoters, that she hadn't discovered ANYTHING; that her "work" was a virtual carbon copy of Dr Johanna Budwig's research about flax seed oil made in the 1950s in Germany for which she had to endure endless assaults and debunking travails from the entrenched food oil industry in Germany.
If you want to find out what Vitamin C can do to improve health and immunity, then obtain the books of Dr Linus Pauling, published in the 1970's and 1980s, and you will find out what this man will undoubtedly lay claim to as "discovering" in the coming months and years.
Long live the Corporate Foundation Research Grant and the hacks who covet them, for they make life worth living for no other reason than to rebuke their calumny and pretense to fame!

Ken Adachi

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