Weight Loss Secrets the FDA and USDA Don't Want You to Know and Your Doctor Is Too Scared to Speak About!

Discover All the Hidden Substances In Your Food that Make You Sick and Obese, Learn How to Avoid Them and Get Slim Forever



counting calories/starving yourself
exercising frantically/yo-yo effect
waiting forever to shed this fat off
taking handfuls of hard-to-swallow diet pills
having hard to remember special food combinations & patterns


Because Right Here, Right Now

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I'm going to teach you how to lose weight without dieting, using the just-uncovered government tricks


From the desk of Astrid Lasco


Today is

Dear Internet Friend,

Yes, you really can lose weight without dieting!

OK, you've probably heard claims like that before. But this time it is different...

This time the proof exists, and it comes from no other then the U.S. Food And Drug Administration.

Give me just 2 minutes of your attention and I'll prove it to you right now…

Why the FDA doesn't want you to lose weight

Recent announcements have stated that 50% of Americans are now overweight and approximately 25% are obese. Yet ironically, overweight and obesity rates in the U.S. remained virtually unchanged from 1960 to 1980, only to skyrocket from 1980 - 2000, the same period "diet" products were introduced.

It's just a coincidence, you might think. Well, unfortunately, it is not…

The US Food and Drug Administration has been involved for years in a string of lawsuits mostly against weight loss supplement industry,… but this is old news. What amazes me, however, is the fact that some other lawsuits have been filed… against the FDA!

One of them has forced the release of piles of government documents clearly showing the correlation between the chemical substances approved by the FDA and put into our food, and the obesity epidemic in America.

The disclosed documents have proven beyond a doubt that many types of food and food additives, approved for consumption and repeatedly advertised as being particularly nutritious, are completely devoid of vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes needed for optimal digestive health and proper weight…

…and many are simply poisonous, toxic, or severely allergenic.

These foods make you sick and, in consequence, overweight.

But, hold on to your chair, it gets even worse!

Further research has revealed that:

check-mark Certain chemical substances, approved by the FDA for use in foods, can cause irreversible brain lesions. These can result from a single exposure to these substances in sufficient concentration
check-mark Your weight, mood and health can be severely affected by hidden toxins in your food
check-mark These chemicals were only able to be approved because the FDA violated the law
check-mark The food industry hides and disguises these substances so they can't be recognized
check-mark According to declassified documents the FDA initially wanted to ban them, but now they are in over 11,000 product
check-mark They have been intentionally introduced into our food with one major function in mind - to make the food edible by stimulating your appetite and increasing the craving for sweets
check-mark The FDA and industry have been desperately trying to keep the public from learning the truth…

And the truth is that:

Obesity is a symptom rather than a diagnosis

You are sick, therefore you are obese.


check-mark Without knowing what the substances are, it is virtually impossible to lose weight.
check-mark Once you eliminate toxic foods from your diet you will begin to experience an increase in energy and a reduction in chronic symptoms of illness, your physical cravings will stop, and your weight will inevitably drop.
check-mark After that it will stay at the desired level as long as you avoid eating foods containing the poisons.


check-mark There are only a handful of foods and substances you should avoid and...
check-mark Their intake can be very easily controlled (and I will show you exactly how)
check-mark Your weight loss will start from day one without counting calories or fat grams, without drugs, supplements, herbs, or any questionable substances
check-mark There will be no special food arrangements, combinations and patterns to follow. And...
check-mark You will not have to drink gallons of water or exercise

With my healthy weight loss formula you can eat pastas, steaks and cakes, and as much as you like AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT.

The formula is very simple and easy to follow. Is it healthy? Gosh, I can promise you that:

If you follow my step-by-step system you will be healthier than ever before.

"Astrid, thank you so much!

I was going through the Secrets ebook slowly and made changes as I went along. You had that 7-day "Detox" diet with the soup that I did on three separate weeks over a two-month period. I learned from that, that I am allergic to wheat. Some of the symptoms I was having include itchy rash-like patches of skin on my face and water retention/inflammation. I thought those were due to perimenopause (I'm 45). But after the detox diet, my complexion was wonderful. When I ate wheat again - even sprouted wheat - the symptoms returned. So I gave up wheat and I have lost 20 pounds on that and other changes. I also discontinued use of oils except olive or avocado but only for cold uses, and organic coconut oil or butter for heat use. My diabetic cat would like to thank you for introducing coconut oil to the household. It's nice to sate him on such a pure fat!

Your book has been a true blessing to us. Thank you!"

Meredith Daniel

And how do I know all that and why should you believe me?

Here are 4 good reasons to believe what I say:

One: I am the living proof that my weight loss system works.

It took me almost 2 years to conduct a detailed research at the National Library of Medicine, the Library of Congress and on the Internet, and to gather hundreds of pages of epidemiological studies, government documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, reports circulating among medical doctors, and highly scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals.

But it took me only another 4 months to go from 195 lb to 136 lb using my newly developed weight loss plan.

Just look at the pictures.

In addition to feeling lighter and more energetic my eyesight has also improved, my asthma has completely disappeared and severe headaches are gone.

And I've kept every single pound off for 5 years now!


Two: 97% of the information you read about various weight loss programs is either completely outdated and ineffective or it's simply too complicated and confusing for the average person to use.

Why do you think most of the diet gurus are reluctant to put their own "before" and "after" pictures on their websites? How do they know that a weight loss formula they've devised work for others, without trying it on themselves?

Three: There are thousands of fad diets. But the fact is that most diets don't work. If they did, we wouldn't have so many obese people.

Diets that do work are based on deprivation - counting calories, restricting portion sizes or meticulously following boring menus, which sooner or later leads to lower metabolic rates and undesirable loss of muscle and organ tissue. Eventually hunger wins the day and the weight loss process breaks down, leaving you feeling a failure.

The word diet usually sparks negative images of sacrifice, starvation and punishment. My plan won't let you feel any of this because it is not a diet.

Four: I'm NOT going to promise you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days or shed 10 pounds in a weekend. I don't know you, your weight, height, age, lifestyle, nor your metabolic rate.

How could I guarantee such a thing?

But what I can promise you is this:

If you follow my advice you will lose weight - guaranteed. And you will do it painlessly, healthily and steadily, without any other effort on your part.

This really is the nearest thing to a 'magic weight loss formula' that you are going to find.

"This is the BEST diet book I've ever read. It is like an encyclopedia, how-to manual and nutritional guide - all rolled into one. I'm constantly referring back to it. I don't know how I could have lived without it! I has given me my life back. For the last 10 years I have battled severe depression, fatigue and obesity. Now, after reading your guide something just clicked in my head and suddenly I no longer had to figure out what was wrong with me. I simply knew! Now I feel as if those terrible 10 years and 40 lb have been lifted off my body. I feel like a teenager and I look like a teenager! Thank you Astrid!"

Joanne Marshall

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Here's what you will discover :

check-mark How and what to eat and drink to become healthy and fit again without dieting, no matter what's your age, sex, weight and marital status.
check-mark Why you should never, under any circumstances, follow the current official nutritional guidelines.
check-mark Why ' bad cholesterol' is a myth.
check-mark How replacing all the oils in your kitchen with only one delicious oil will make your weight drop, and what types of dietary fat can help you burn your own body fat.
check-mark What food, touted as the wonder food of the century and the answer to our society's obesity problem, is toxic and can actually cause obesity.
check-mark What low-fat, no-fat or no-calorie foods actually make you gain more weight and why it happens.
check-mark Why eating herbs, fruits and vegetables can be detrimental to your health (That's a shocker isn't it? More of this in my e-book!).
check-mark What drink, advertised as "healthy" can cause asthma and diabetes.
check-mark You will not have to drink gallons of water or exercise
check-mark What widely used food additives can make you seriously ill.
check-mark How to differentiate between synthetic and natural vitamins (knowing the difference could save your life).
check-mark What prescription diet pills currently on the market can make you fatter and sick.
check-mark What diet supplements should be avoided and what can be eaten safely.
check-mark Why you should avoid genetically modified food and how to recognize it on the shelves.
check-mark How "organic" so-called organic food really is (be prepared for a huge surprise!)
check-mark Why the massive weight losses promised by some scammers are simply not possible.
check-mark How adjusting the light intensity in your dining room and the temperature of your drink can help you lose weight!
check-mark Why baked potatoes are worse than refined sugar.
check-mark How to read a product label to extract the vital but hidden information, and how to read between the lines.
check-mark What exercises do not necessarily make you lose fat.
check-mark Why you'll never burn fat and lose weight by starving and skipping meals!
check-mark Why fidgeting can help you lose weight.
check-mark How to exercise "mentally", without lifting a finger.

"Hello Astrid,

I am very pleased to inform you that the problem has been solved. Thank you for your prompt attention from day 1 when I addressed my concern. A definite plus when it comes to staying ahead of your competition.

I am one happy customer, thanks to you Astrid."


You will also discover:

check-mark The most dangerous substance on the market that is added to foods.
check-mark 1 carcinogenic additive, not approved by the FDA, yet deliberately added to our food by manufacturers.
check-mark The biggest weight loss error made by dietitians.
check-mark A delicious beverage that will automatically burn about 560 calories without any effort on your part! An added bonus... it reduces heart attack and cancer risk!
check-mark 1 zero-calorie fat substitute that will actually make you fatter!
check-mark 1 dieting tool designed to keep the weight off long-term, now proven to increase appetite and body weight.
check-mark 1 really healthy sugar substitute.
check-mark 1 beverage that can save your life.
check-mark 1-step simple method of removing heavy metals from your body.
check-mark 1 PERFECT meal replacement.
check-mark Do-it-yourself test to check for a dangerous intra-abdominal fat.
check-mark The latest, not yet published, amazing research results on diet and nutrition.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!...

There is so much more, I couldn't possibly list it all here. And this is why...

I'm offering you my private health guide on a completely free basis.

It's called Weight Loss Cover-Up EXPOSED! -- Dieting Secrets The Government Doesn't Want You To Know and it's jam-packed with literally hundreds of life-saving tips, strategies, weight loss techniques, remedies, critical nutritional recommendations and impartial, invaluable advice on diet, nutrition, weight loss supplements, prescription drugs, and exercise.


"It's extremely encouraging that people around me are noticing that I look healthier. No wonder, within 3 months I've lost 37 pounds and have gone down from size 28 to 20. What's more important to me as a diabetic, my sugar level reading had decreased from 160 to 90 and my blood pressure changed from a high of 175/100 to a normal 100/60. You were right all the way!"

Kathy Battista Cleveland, OH

"Your advice is specific, on-target and to-the-point. Using only one of your countless weight loss tips I've managed to lose 15 pounds- exactly as you said one should."

Tony Agostini Toronto

"...you won't get lost in the scientific mumbo-jumbo, nor will you have to crawl through recycled, outdated, anecdotal get-fit-quick "garbage" that can be found just about anywhere."

David Garner Sheffield, UK

"I have tried just about everything under the sun with absolutely no results. The only thing that got thinner was my wallet. Honestly, when I bought your book I wasn't expecting much either. Gosh, was I surprised! One glance at the table of contents has revealed that your weight loss book is exceptional. I've never come across so much in-depth, honest, and backed by REAL science diet and nutrition information in one place! Read it people and wake up! This info will not only make you thinner and healthier. Who knows, it might even save your life."

P. J. Rosen Boulder, Colorado

Here's the best news of all...

Right now you can take advantage of an unprecedented offer -

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"I have been reading reference books on health and diet for thirty years. This is the most well written and easy to read book I have ever read. I am a writer myself and can appreciate all of your tedious research and conciseness. I love the color coding. I agree with everything you say in this book. I started to realize years ago that there was something going on with the food in our country. After years and years of research and personal experience I have come to the same conclusions as you have. I couldn't put the book down and would like everyone I know to read it so they see that the things I have been saying for years are valid. Unfortunately most people are 'sheeple' and never question anything. They just keep swilling their cans of diet soda and taking prescription drugs for every little symptom which is brought on by the lousy American diet. I wish I knew even one person who could or would read this and get it like I do...But I don't. Great job! It should be a New York Times best seller."

Mia Zadora, Honolulu, HI

How much could the just uncovered, naked truth about weight loss be worth to you? You owe it to yourself and your future to find out the truth and start to REALLY losing weight and feeling great NOW!



Astrid Lasco



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