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Make Money!

FreeLife's Sales Have Tripled Since the Release of Himalayan Goji Juice!

What does this mean for you?  You are one of the very first to know about Himalayan Goji Juice and this could be worth a fortune to you!  It's all about timing.  Being in the right place at the right time.  Knowing about Himalayan Goji Juice before millions of others gives you a huge advantage.

You've heard that saying:  "It's better to ride a wave and than to create one".  It's true!  And the current momentum that is being created by Himalayan Goji Juice is a huge wave. 

Himalayan Goji Juice is going to be a household name in just a few years.  Now is the perfect time to join FreeLife.

Take Control of Your Life Today!

Is your dream to have better health? To spend more time with your family? To secure a strong financial future?  From waking without an alarm clock to paying off debt to building the ideal home, members are living their dreams with FreeLife. 

And you can, too!  

You can have your own business for less than $200!

Did you know that the average start-up cost for a business in the United States is between $12,000 and $90,000 and it takes approximately three years to make a profit? There are not many people who have that kind of money to invest in a business, and certainly no one wants to work three years before making a profit.

With FreeLife you can have your own Home-Based Business with an unlimited income potential with a one-time set up fee of $35 and the purchase of a 4-pack of Himalayan Goji Juice.

If you're wondering if you can do this!  You can!

 Thousands of others just like you are making part-time

 and full-time income with FreeLife.  

Share Goji with others and you can make money!

"Pay it Forward".  Remember the movie?  The magic number is 3!  If you share with only three people, who catch the vision, and they do the same, and so on, you will have the start of a successful, lucrative business.

There are many ways to earn income in FreeLife

  • 20 - 40% Matching Bonus

  • 20% Product Rebate

  • Fast Start Bonus

  • 10 Level TriMax

  • Ambassador Generational Bonuses

  • Advancement Bonuses

  • Himalayan Goji Juice World-Wide Bonus Pool

Matching Bonuses  These can be extremely lucrative! Huge checks can be earned! Imagine being able to earn from 20% to 40% of the commissions earned by your personally enrolled members. 

20% Product Rebate Earn 20% on your Personal Points over 100 per month. If someone purchases products from your website or you purchase from yourself, you earn commissions on those purchases over 100 points each month. Perfect for the transfer buying concept. 

Fast Start Bonus FreeLife knows how important it is to get members off to a fast start and that's exactly what the Fast Start Bonus does! Earn a Fast Start Bonus five levels deep on the purchases of new members for the first two months they are in FreeLife. 

This means that for two months you can earn 20% of the orders on your personal enrollee's purchases and 10% of the purchases down 4 more levels!

10 Level TriMax Compensation Plan After the 2-month Fast Start period, all volume is paid in the TriMax Comp Plan. As members continue to order month after month, you can qualify to earn commissions down ten levels! That's true residual income.

10-Level Tri-Max




Level 1





Level 2





Level 3





Level 4





Level 5





Level 6





Level 7





Level 8





Level 9





Level 10





Advancement Bonuses  Earn up to $5,550 as you advance from one level to the next!  For example, when you advance to Director I, in addition to your regular commissions, you earn a $150 Advancement Bonus.

Advancement Bonuses

Director I



Director II



Director III



Director IV



Director V







Other Bonuses As a qualified Ambassador and above, you can earn a 2% Bonus on your entire FreeLife organization, four Ambassador generations deep.

The ten level TriMax Compensation plan could now earn you up to 7%, ten levels deep and potentially 2% to infinity.

Click Here For the Complete PayPlan Chart


Transfer Buying Concept!

Do you spend money on nutrition, weight loss, personal care, home care, children's vitamins, pet care? If so, join FreeLife and take the money you are already spending at the store and buy from your own FreeLife business.  That is the value of having a wide variety of products to choose from.

You'll get better quality products and make money at the same time

Becoming a FreeLife Customer is free and easy to do. And best of all, you can purchase your first order at our 30% Advantage Customer discount. Simply click on the link below, create your account and begin to enjoy the wonderful health promoting benefits of Himalayan Goji Juice.

Just drinking 1 to 3 ounces a day over a 90-day or more period has been producing stunning health benefits.

90 Day Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee!

What is Goji? 

Reasons for Goji

Dr. Earl Mindell

Bovis Energy Scale

FreeLife International

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Make Money

Imagine The Possibilities

Is FreeLife Right For You?


 Toast to Goji!     

Brilliant Compensation Movie!

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