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FreeLife International


Ray Faltinski, CEO and Co-founder  

Ray's passion for nutrition began over 25 years ago!  In the early 1980's his mother was diagnosed with irreversible osteoporosis.  The family was heartbroken.  The thought of his mother crippled and in a wheelchair was too much for 15 year-old Ray to imagine.  Ray's brother had always been interested in nutrition and alternative remedies, so he formulated her a strange liquid green concoction to drink.  To the families amazement, little by little her health returned.  To this day, in her seventies, she is strong, healthy and a Grandmother of eleven.  She exercises every day and is certainly not in a wheelchair.  The miracle that Ray witnessed as he saw his mother's health return was directly responsible for his passion for good nutrition and natural remedies.

Ray attended Yale Law School. It was there that he began his intense research on word-of-mouth distribution. He fell in love with the concept of people being able to start a home-based business and improve their financial situation.  To him it was the very spirit of what America stands for:  entrepreneurship and a family owned business!  His intensive research over a two-year period resulted in a 50-page thesis on network marketing.  

Although he received his law degree, his dream was to start his own Network Marketing company with the very best nutritional supplements as the products to be distributed. 


Kevin Fournier, President and Co-founder

As a young man, Kevin worked as a Program Director for people with mental and physical disabilities. It was during that time that he witnessed the awesome potential of the human spirit if given the right environment and support. That experience created a desire in Kevin to provide people with the right vehicle so they could reach their human potential.

Kevin was introduced to the Direct Sales industry in 1989.  He fell in love with Network Marketing but realized there were also some things that he didn't agree with. He saw many people hurt by companies that went out of business. He saw people hurt because compensation plans required thousands of dollars of monthly qualifications just to earn a check.  And he saw companies that offered mediocre products. 

These experiences made Kevin passionate about creating a company that would raise the Network Marketing industry to a new level. His vision for FreeLife was to set a new standard in the area of product formulations, to set a new standard with a compensation plan that significantly and fairly rewarded both the part-time and full-time business builder, and to create a company that was built to last.

FreeLife is Born

Ray and Kevin made a commitment to each other to create a company with the very best that nutrition and science have to offer, and a compensation plan that would allow people from all walks of life to earn significant amounts of income by sharing those products with others.

Ray and Kevin spent four years preparing for the launch of FreeLife International.  Their efforts included raising capital from 20 investors including Anson Beard of Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter, who said FreeLife had the opportunity to be the "Microsoft of nutrition"  because of their passion and dedication!

They were also able to attract leading nutritionist,  Dr. Earl Mindell to the FreeLife team.  Dr. Mindell was the perfect person to complete the dream!  Because of his passionate belief in the importance of good nutrition, this partnership designed the most potent and complete nutritional products available to anyone.

FreeLife opened in March of 1995 and by the end of the year became the youngest company ever featured on the cover of Success Magazine.  Since that time the company has received numerous awards and has been featured in Industry magazines.  

What makes FreeLife continue to stand above the rest?

There are many reasons, but here are the two most important:

1)  FreeLife is not a start up company; it has a ten-year successful track record.

2)  FreeLife has a unique, exclusive product:  Himalayan Goji Juice

A Stable, Rock-solid Company!

Most new companies fail within the first few years.  FreeLife has a ten-year track record!  You can count on FreeLife being around for a long time.  When you spend your valuable time building your business, you can be sure FreeLife will be there for you.  Business is booming!  Records are being broken every month!  They are definitely on the right track.

Exclusive Rights to Himalayan Goji Juice!

FreeLife  has exclusive rights to Himalayan Goji Juice, researched and formulated by the world's most famous nutritionist, Dr. Earl Mindell.  All successful Companies have one thing in common, they all have a unique product that can't be purchased anywhere else!  

Facts About FreeLife!

Here are more things to think about  so that you can see why FreeLife is the company of choice for thousands of people all around the world!
  • Unique, state-of-the-art product line, formulated by Dr. Earl Mindell.


  • 90-Day Money-Back product Guarantee.


  • Highly effective, consumable products that are backed by real science. 


  • FreeLife is the youngest company to be on the cover of Success Magazine and was featured in an article called " We Create Millionaires ".  


  • A compensation plan that pays fast money as well as long term residual income. The plan is designed so the average person can make money quickly.


  • Tools in place to provide training and support for members.  


  • Outstanding customer service that supports members and helps them with their business.   


  • Ranked by Inc. 500 Magazine in their annual list of America's fastest-growing, privately held companies.


  • Member of Better Business Bureau and Direct Seller's Association.  




International, Global Business!

FreeLife International is currently open in 12 countries:

The United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbuda and Puerto Rico, and will continue to open in many more in the near future.  

FreeLife and GojiKids!

FreeLife donates a portion of its profits each month to various children's organizations.  It is the goal of FreeLife to help bring smiles to the faces of suffering children throughout the world.

The first GojiKids donation was given to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.  A few of the other organizations that FreeLife has donated to are:  St. Jude Children's Research Center, Make-A-Wish, The Giving Tree, Special Olympics Hawaii and many more.

GojiKids will continue to reach out to many more children's charities, and join with other concerned corporations and individuals who realize that our future lies in the hands of our precious children.


FreeLife Also Provides

State-of-the-Art Marketing Materials, including brochures, catalogs, CDs, audios, videos.

State-of-the-art  Website. Real time Back Office with order and genealogy tracking and UPS shipping Interface. No monthly charge for this million dollar website.

Extremely high product loyalty, reorder rate, retention, and transfer buying.

Three  product categories: Nutrition, Home Care, and Personal Care

Becoming a FreeLife Customer is free and easy to do. And best of all, you can purchase your first order at our 30% Advantage Customer discount. Simply click on the link below, create your account and begin to enjoy the wonderful health promoting benefits of Himalayan Goji Juice.

Just drinking 1 to 3 ounces a day over a 90-day or more period has been producing stunning health benefits.

90 Day Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee!

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FreeLife International

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Is FreeLife Right For You?


 Toast to Goji!     

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