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The Myth of Fast Weight Loss

The Myth of Fast Weight Loss
Copyright 2005 Arina Nikitina

You will be surprised to find out how many people are
actually looking for a fast weight loss program. Why fast?
Well, first of all, most of us are impatient. We live
hectic lives. We want results now, we want to notice the
change right away, and we don't want to work hard to
achieve those results.

Most people eat what they want all year round, prefer TV
over exercising and dream about how next week (or
month/year) they are going to start a healthy lifestyle.
Suddenly one day they realize that it is just 2 weeks left
before they have to go to a Christmas party or that summer
is coming up and they want to look good in the new bikini.
Usually around this time I get hundreds of emails - all of
them pretty much the same "I have this event coming up in
two weeks. I need to lose about 10-15 pounds. What is the
fastest way to do it?"

Of course TV and Internet is full of commercials that
promise you to lose 20 pounds in two weeks. They even show
you tons of pictures of fit, smiling people with perfect
bodies. Just pop a magic pill 3 times a day and you will
turn into a supermodel right away. Sounds good, right?

I hate to disappoint you but this is just another scam
created to get your money. There is no such thing as fast
weight loss. I'm sure I'll get some infuriated replies like
"That can't be true! My friend Maggie lost 16 pounds in two
weeks doing Low carb diet!" Well you are in for another
disappointment. Your friend didn't lose any fat. She lost
water and muscle.

Human body is a well coordinated working mechanism. It has
no idea that you've decided to fit in a size 8 dress and
doing some new fad diet. It thinks you are starving. Itís
too concerned about survival to allow us losing weight
fast. Instead your metabolism slows down to conserve the
energy. As soon as you'll start eating normal food you'll
gain all of your weight back and some extra pounds in
addition to that.

To make it simple fast weight loss is always followed by
fast weight gain. No exceptions. In addition to that when
you lose weight too fast, your skin does not have enough
time to shrink, it will become loose.

The right amount of weight that the average person can lose
in one week by eating correctly and doing exercises is
around 2-3 pounds. That is a healthy, safe, effective
amount to lose. Only that way you can get long lasting
results. I know it is not as fast as many people would like
to lose weight, but think about it how long did it take you
to gain weight? I bet you $1000 dollars you didn't gain 20
pounds in two weeks. It is only logical, that your body
will not allow you to lose 20 pounds in two weeks. Sorry!

I'm trying to save your money here, so repeat after me
"There is no machine, no special diet, no special workout
program, no special pill or special patch that will help me
to lose weight fast and healthy at the same time". Repeat
it to yourself every time you have an urge to buy some
"quick fix" no matter how appealing it sounds.

Remember people who have created these commercials are
professionals who know what you would like to hear. Don't
let them fool you. Just try to eat right and work out. Be
consistent. Make one little step at a time and you'll be
surprised how far you can actually go.

Arina Nikitina is the owner of a Free-Weight-Loss-Zone.com
website where you can find free weight loss guide, weight
loss myths, and a collection of diet and fitnes articles.


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