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June 23, 2007

Benefits of Vinegar, Sea Salt and Baking Soda

Here's Your First Chance To Own 'The Miracle Of Vinegar', 'The Benefits Of Baking Soda' and 'Sixty Uses For Salt' All in brand new PDF format. . . .Plus additional 3 bonuses:
'25 of Grandpa's Top Tips', 'Cleaning with Distilled Vinegar' and 'Vinegar for Your Health'. Vinegar is the main target in these reports, as its benefits cannot be understated. The reports describe different types of vinegar, methods of making vinegar, recipes, uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar. You are shown some great ways to improve your health with vinegar by bringing relief or cure for a lot of common ailments such as acne, asthma, arthritis pain, blood clotting, blood pressure, glucose level, weight loss, colds, cramps, gallstones, ulcers and much more..!

Read them now:

Benefits of Vinegar, Sea Salt and Baking Soda"

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