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January 20, 2006

The 'New Food Pyramid' Part Deux...Or Eric Cartman's 'Breakfast of Champions'

By Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)
I think we showed last time ...

or http://www.rense.com/general68/fatlie.htm

... that the numerous lies concerning fats and oils prove beyond doubt that the New Food Pyramid (NFP) is "in the tank" for several powerful organizations. The NFP stands already exposed...

Not surprisingly, these insults to the foundation of individual health are continued with regard to the remaining "Pyramid" categories. Truth.

Because the NFP relies heavily on grains and dairy but impacts on children so profoundly (in more than a few ways), let us begin with a discussion on the destructive "one - two" punch that starts virtually every child's day ... Cereal & Milk.

This ubiquitous meal is not the "Breakfast of Champions," as it would be touted by a conflicted eight-year-old like the "I'm-not-fat-I'm-big-boned" -- Eric Cartman of South Park. No. Ironically? It is more likely practiced in this country like a "breakfast of the diseased dim-bulbed..."

Grain? The "Staff of Life"?

Our reliance on processed and refined carbohydrates in the multitude of cereals, breads, baked-goods, and pasta products is probably the number one health hazard facing this country. Moreover, this "Carbo-Mind Set" is completely corporate driven, forgetting we have to make it so easy for them... ...willingly going for the *Fluffy-Sweet Goodness* of a Twinkie, say... even when we know it's crap... This is despite the reason for the alarming increase in obesity, diabetes and heart disease! Still, we "Carbo-load"

Forgetting for a moment carbohydrate's role in expanding the disease lexicon... the so called "Adult Onset Diabetes" has to be called "type II" diabetes, lately... because NOW even children are effected! Furthermore, an accelerating trend occurs as there are many inflammatory diseases revealing themselves... ...unheard of even a few decades ago.


Examples include Fibromyalgia, Syndrome "X" (essentially Heart Disease caused by Diabetes), and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)... all of which can be caused or exacerbated by over consumption of processed and refined carbohydrates. Add to the list my favorite new ailment: the "Double D" disease (...that's where you are born with type I diabetes, then, while still a child... you develop type II diabetes). ...A list, not iterated here, continues, reader!

Concerning carbohydrates in general? Here's an interesting fact.

It is possible to have a deficiency in protein, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals (all 70+), and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)... but there is no such thing as a carbohydrate deficiency! Consider that...

Carbohydrates are not essential to build tissue, enhance the immune system, or protect the nerves! They will provide ready energy... sure ...but any not immediately used will rapidly turn to body fat.

Two of the most heart healthy, diabetic free groups on this planet rarely, if ever, consume carbs of ANY kind, especially grains. Discussed last time, the Eskimos consume meat protein, saturated fat, and EFAs. Introduced now are the Massi warriors / herdsman in Kenya. They eat meat protein, cow's blood, and raw milk (not the pasteurized / homogenized crap we drink).

Carbohydrates are not necessary! Like the Eskimos, et al. I wish I could say "make meat your major source of protein..." ...but with all the hormones, antibiotics, and general disrespect implied and extant in non-organic meat? I think you should try to get most, if not all, of your protein from the two most digestible sources remaining: 1) Whey protein isolate. 2) Cage-free Eggs, raw or lightly poached.

Don't get me wrong! Complex Carbs can be a very good thing if you get the majority of them from raw, mostly above ground, veggies...cruciferous & green leafy ones in particular. Moreover, even unhealthful Carbs like soy and grains can become very healthful foods by soaking, sprouting, or made Hi-Probiotic by fermenting... Of course, the NFP never mentions "fermenting, soaking, or sprouting...".

No, true to form, the NFP has you consuming twice as many servings of grains as compared to the other categories. This is particularly troubling because, according to the NFP, half of the *total* can be refined Carbs ... like white flour. That's insane, reader! As most people are confused by *official* claims concerning which grain products are less processed, thus more healthful... ...they wind up consuming, unhealthily, mostly refined Carbs, instead of unrefined or even half refined Carbs which are more healthful!

Here are just a few of the things wrong with grain Carbs and cereal in particular:

1) Gluten -- this is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley which is particularly difficult to digest, to start! Now, exacerbate the situation by destroying valuable stomach acid with carbonated drinks and antacids ( MD's pass out antacids like candy ).

Folks, copious amounts of stomach acid are required to properly "soften-up" protein. With a stomach acid deficit? The undigested protein finds itself too far down the intestinal tract for its unsatisfactory degree of digestion! This can cause an autoimmune response because the undigested protein is seen as a foreign invader, tragically, so your own immune system attacks... you!

This condition can result in undiagnosed and mysterious symptoms of joint pain, poor digestion, etc. with many persons. With others? Well, these develop debilitating and life threatening autoimmune diseases!

Unfortunately then, most *distracted* MDs giddily treat the symptoms of these provoked diseases the individual winds up with, but never address the underlying initial cause! What was the underlying initial cause? You needed to take supplemental stomach acid ( Betaine HCL with Pepsin ) NOT antacids... to improve your digestion... and stop betraying it!

Oh Yeah! You might want to also avoid gluten. If you have Celiac Disease, you have to avoid gluten, altogether. FYI: Hi-gluten rice contains no gluten. FYI-2: The pH of your stomach should be less than 3 to protect you from parasites, microbes, et al. and to rapidly start breaking down protein. A stomach pH of 1 is better than 2 for this purpose...battery acid is also a pH of 1. Doctors indiscriminately passing out Antacids to people that already have an alkaline stomach is a crime against Humanity.

2) Refined Carbs cause pancreatic insulin freak-out which contributes to obesity and inflammatory diseases... ...like heart disease and MS. Our society, gorging itself on cereals and Hi-carb snack foods is also the cause of the dramatic increase in Type II diabetes. Smoke that.

3) Grains are high in several anti-nutrients like phytates and oxalates which bind to minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron... ...and probably most importantly? Zinc.

Phytates can be avoided if grains are soaked, sprouted, or sour-leavened. Phytates and oxalates found in veggies are probably not a problem for non-vegetarians, especially if they supplement and avoid most grains.

It is most likely a waste of time to try to maintain a low-oxalate diet like some recommend. For one thing? There are many very healthful high oxalate foods like spinach, blueberries, green peppers, green beans, etc.

Also, Popeye was a little off concerning spinach... that's because even though it is high in calcium it is very high in oxalates which means only about 5% of the calcium is usable due to oxalate binding. This is no problem if you supplement with a good absorbable Calcium / Magnesium Complex ( milk is not the answer ). Minerals ( like Cal/Mag/Zinc ) which are bound to Inorganic Salts like carbonate & oxide are the least absorbable - always use some form of Organic Chelation like my favorite, Amino Acid Chelation, or others like Kreb Cycle, Calcium Citrate, et al. This supplementing will also help you avoid calcium oxalate crystals turning to kidney stones.

There is one food; however, that is so high in oxalates that it binds all its own calcium, then goes looking for more... that is unfermented Soy. Unfermented Soy is a whole other paper.

4) Cereals -- As far as carbohydrates causing an increase in insulin secretion is concerned... most cereals are the worst. The absolute worst...

Even if you start with some grain that might be considered reasonably healthful, like whole wheat, etc... ...by the time it's converted to flakes or cute little shapes, it's almost as destructive as table sugar! The various grains are ground and mixed in a slurry (a thick liquid) that is then forced (pooped!), under heat and pressure, through an extruder... ...to pop out magically delicious *charms* and *stars*...

The resulting grain *product* doesn't look or act anything like the grain product Jesus passed out with the fishes, reader...

...Now, "supercharge" the product with copious amounts of refined sugar... and you have a bowl of insulin producing garbage turning your children into troubled and aggressive little sociopaths *needing* drugs like Ritalin... When you add cow's milk to the mix? Well, then you have the necessary ingredients for your children repeatedly having ear infections, respiratory infections and allergic reactions...

Commercially processed cow's milk, by its self, can cause these reactions, however, you "fan the flames" when you suppress the child's immune system with sugar, cereal & fruit juices. Heavy sigh... reader!

And let's be honest as to why parents love cereal. It's not because 'way down deep' they are certain the stuff is a healthful food ...no. It's because they are too lazy or feel they are too busy to make their kids a big plate of eggs, soft scrambled with cheese & veggies. Or maybe a smoothie of Whey Protein Isolate, Kefir, ground flax seed, blueberries, or banana and then sweetened with Stevia... raw eggs are also great in smoothies as long as you go to www.mercola.com and read raw egg safety protocols.

Alternating these two breakfast meals can turn your hyper or listless child into a "Wunderkinder", and (with a gram or two of fish oil?) maybe even snap them out of the ADHD hell they're forced to endure. Both hyper activity & listlessness are very likely a manifestation of the same problem... too much Sugar, Cereal, Fruit juice, Toast & Jelly, Pancakes & Syrup, Doughnuts, Sweet Rolls, Muffins, Granola bars...

But hey! Lucky Charms and Twinkies are so convenient for a "busy" mom, like Mrs. Cartman... besides Eric pouts, dangerously, when he doesn't get his "Cheezy Poofs & Snacky Cakes." What's a doting mom and crack-smoking trollop to do?

FYI: When you super heat carbohydrate foods and turn the surface toasty brown ( bread crust, french fries, etc.) you create a paticularly nasty Free Radical, Acrylamides. Guess which food has the most toasted surface area per cup...that's right - flake cereals, like Corn Flakes & Wheaties, "The Breakfast of Champions".

Oh Boy... exercise! Everyone's favorite! But seriously...

As mentioned, most people (even vegetarians) don't have to worry about oxalates if they supplement properly. Phytates, on the other hand, could be a concern for vegetarians, maybe even if they do supplement! Keeping soy and grains to a minimum is probably the answer to this conundrum. There is one situation; however, where oxalates and phytates can be deadly serious.

Visualize this scenario. You have a 50 year old vegetarian and marathon runner who is jogging through his neighborhood and otherwise being as devout a disciple of the famous marathoner Jim Fixx as he can. Like Fixx, this middle-aged obsessive of our conjecture, thinks supplementation is a foolish waste of money. In his uninformed mind, longevity is all about physical fitness and caloric intake.

Well, like Jim Fixx at 52, he has a heart attack and drops dead in his trendy cul-de-sac... drops dead while his overweight, 65 year old neighbor, lounging on his porch smoking cigarettes and chain-pounding DingDongs, remarks to his wife... "See, honey, I told you that running crap could kill you..."

Ironically, in this situation the surviving neighbor is right. Here's how.

Just like Jim Fixx... ...who set the stage by not supplementing with the Essential Big Minerals or the 70 or so, equally critical, trace minerals... ...who ate a high oxalate and phytate diet binding critical minerals and trace minerals... ...who drank distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water, leaching out even more minerals and trace minerals... ...who consumed lots of unfermented soy leaching out even more essential minerals...

Then, to top it all off? For years, his long distance running sweated out a "soup" of un-replaced electrolytes and essential minerals -- in particular, potassium (one of the most critical heart nutrients extant!) is readily excreted when he copiously perspired ... a decrease of potassium (Hypokalemia) can profoundly affect the nervous system and increases the chance of irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias), which, when extreme, can be fatal.

...Folks! After a few years of chronic mineral deficiency blithely provoked in just this manner? It's easy to drop dead from a heart attack!

True to form, after Jim Fixx died, his number one disciple Brian Maxwell only increased his effort through physical fitness without supplemental minerals... and he fell dead in his early 50's also! Many other high-toned athletes have dropped dead mysteriously in a similar fashion! But Gee...lets go find an innocent and beneficial herb, like Ephedra, to blame. Ephedra killed a few hundred people that abused it - Vioxx killed at least 28,000 when taken as directed.

FYI: Aerobic cardiovascular training is great... ...if you replace the lost minerals forfeited with the exercise! Also, more and more fitness folks feel that moderate weight training might be as importance as aerobic. Also, I use RO water... ...but I always re-mineralize it with liquid Trace Mineral drops.

Got milk?

I suspect that Pasteurizing & Homogenizing milk turns a fairly decent food (remember the Massi thriving on raw milk) into an unhealthful, completely unnecessary food source. There are certainly better ways to get the vitamins & protein that the Milk Advocates are always alluding to. So, if you want to use a little cheese or some fermented dairy products... do it because you really like it ... not so much because of the vitamins & protein and certainly not because you think it's a good source of calcium.

The New Food Pyramid's reliance on milk as a source of calcium is bogus to the extreme! Here's why.

Several major minerals need to be close to the correct ratio in order for the body to properly use calcium. One in particular is magnesium. This should be, at a minimum, a 2 to 1 ratio (2 Cal to 1 Mag). Many of the top holistic practitioners (like mercola.com, The Leaf Lady, et al.) feel it should be even higher, at a one to one ratio, or even higher than that. So you can see that cow's milk at a 10 to 1 Cal/Mag ratio has a real problem. Do the math.

Also, the vitamin D3 that mother nature supplies from the sun and fish liver oils is critical for Cal/Mag absorption. Unfortunately, most fortified milk uses the synthetic vitamin D2! It is not very effective for this purpose. Additionally, D2 is much more likely to cause a problem with vitamin D toxicity.

For a great tasting milk substitute (that children love better than milk) I recommend the following Kefir concoction: Kefir (plain, no added sugar) thin with ice water, leave plain or flavor it with whatever's handy (vanilla, chocolate or Kahlua if you're an adult) then sweeten with Stevia.

For those not familiar with Kefir? Kefir is a fermented product sort of like a "Super" yogurt, except it is higher in protein and Probiotics (good bacteria) yet lower in natural sugar. Fermentation makes the lactose digestible for lactose intolerant folks. Also, the Kefir I've seen in health food stores uses vitamin D3, not the inferior (and possibly dangerous) D2. It also comes in Organic form to avoid any residual hormones or antibiotics.

Technically, I still have Crohn's Disease, but I no longer suffer from it like I did for many years when under the care of a team of MDs. They almost had me poisoned to death with toxic pharmaceuticals when I discovered supplementation & proper nutrition! For the whole story read "How I Beat Crohn's Disease" http://www.alienview.net/crohns.html ...

The Point is? Because of the Crohn's, I'm very sensitive to what works well & not so well for the gut... ...Folks, Kefir is the superior form of Live Cultured, Probiotics (good Gut Flora & Fauna) in my opinion, and I've tried most of them.

To sum up, a person does not have to scratch the surface very deep to see that the NFP is a dangerous joke. Unfortunately the only ones laughing are the people in the "Sickness" business (like MD's & Drug companies) and the food industries that profit from the NFP's "official" prevarication (like the Cereal makers & the Poly Food Oil industry).

In closing, had you ever been warmed by the odd closing comment in probably every cereal commercial ever made that the cereal concerned was only PART of a good breakfast?

They know, reader. They know "Trix" isn't for Rabbits or Kids... Trix is for unhealthily maintained and cognitively compromised idiots and nascent dim-bulbs!

That's enough... ...If ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company) doesn't have me "Whacked" for my transgressions... ? ...I should do one more iteration on the NFP, soon, concerning Fruit/Fruit Juices & Meat -- more scurvy lies there, too.

Until next time... Well be!

Alan D. Graham
334 774-0395
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